You Are More Than a Case Number

You are not simply a case number; you are our client, an individual with distinct needs in your case. The Jarrod Mumford Law Firm [TJMLF] vigorously defends our clients and will do everything in our power to protect our defendants from criminal prosecution. We care about you and the outcome of your case—we are invested in your criminal defense and ensuring we explore every option to achieve an acceptable solution. It is our goal to provide clear communication, thoroughly explaining each step of the Mississippi criminal justice process to you. With this client-centered approach, we boast an extensive track record of dismissals, reductions and expunged records.
TJMLF focuses on criminal defense—our firm is laser-focused on ensuring we properly guide clients through the Mississippi criminal justice system through our years of direct experience in Hinds County, Madison County and Rankin County.
Based in Jackson, Mississippi, we are able to navigate the criminal justice system in Central Mississippi, through our strong relationships with colleagues in the District Attorney’s office, courthouse employees, judges, police officers and probation officers in the county of your crime.
We are invested in protecting your future and your freedom—it’s our priority. You will always be treated as an actual person with a defense tailored to your unique circumstances.

What Happens When I Get Arrested?
This is where your criminal defense begins. You will be taken to jail where three things will happen: booking, registration and release.
  1. During the booking process, an officer will take your photograph and fingerprints and will collect your information.
  2. During registration, a judge will explain your rights, advise you of your charges and set a bond. Your bond can include conditions (i.e. curfew, classes, alcohol monitoring, etc.).
  3. Following registration, you will be allowed to make phone calls and plan to post your bond. Depending on the type of bond set by the magistrate, your bond can be posted by a bail bondsman or, sometimes, an attorney. Once your bond is posted, your release can take anywhere from two to six hours.
What Is Probation Like?
Upon sentencing, a probation term for a misdemeanor DWI cannot exceed two years. They will require you to complete Conditions of Probation, which could include assessments, classes, community service and/or an alcohol monitor. Depending on your “risk level” (according to an assessment completed by the Department), you will need to meet with your Probation Officer anywhere from multiple times a month to every three months. At your office visits, you can expect your Probation Officer to verify completion of courses and overall compliance (e.g. drug tests), and update any changes in employment and/or contact information. Probation costs minimally $60.00 a month, but other costs may be incurred based on your Conditions of Probation.